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Translation to and from all languages.

Done by legal experts, lawyers, economists and marketing professionals.

Notary certificates.​

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for any legal procedure – including interpretation equipment.

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Our expertise
We translate every language in a variety of fields: legal and business translations, companies and government ministries, technical, medical and financial translations.
Our diverse translation skills, research capabilities, and our translators’ extensive experience enables us to provide rapid and professional response that meets our customers needs.
All translations are performed by translators whose target and source languages are their mother tongues, ensuring precise and clear texts that perfectly convey the content. 
We are always on time, and can meet impossible deadlines.
Our range of legal translation services
Translation of legal documents and texts, agreements, tenders, affidavits, courtroom proceedings, certificates & notarized documents.
Business documents such as business plans, presentations, financial statements and fiscal reports.
Marketing content translations, PR texts for websites including operational websites (Shufersal, Israel Post) Forex, online stores and Hi-tech companies .
Simultaneous interpretation – including interpretation equipment.
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